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Pangestu stands for Paguyuban Ngesti Tunggal, the name of the association. It was established on May 20, 1949 in Solo, central Java, Indonesia. It is open for those who seek for peacefulness and happiness through building high virtue by absorbing the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati, God’s eternal Messenger. The teaching was revealed for the first time to R. Soenarto Mertowardojo on February 14, 1932. Since then the teaching was disseminated and adopted by followers in the neighborhood.

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Seventeen years later at the house in Jalan Gondang no. 7, Solo, with Sang Guru Sejati’s order, some faithful followers founded the association or organization. It should be regulated as any other organizations; however, its members are not obliged to pay tuition. The chairman was chosen among the audience, while R. Soenarto Mertowardojo became the only advisor. Like any other organization, Pangestu has its structure of organization and programs. At present Pangestu has developed up to 204 branches all over Indonesia with around 200.000 members from different background, ethnics, religions and professions. Pangestu does not teach magical knowledge commonly called “ilmu klenik” or knowledge only for the elderly and the like. Pangestu is not a new religion; on the other hand, Sang Guru Sejati’s teaching does not contradict with the teaching of the religions from God the Almighty.

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R. Soenarto Mertowardoyo is the disciple of Sang Guru Sejati who was destined to be the medium of Sang Guru Sejati’s teaching. He was neither the guru nor the messenger; the members of Pangestu consider him as a brother or parent, and members call him with a respected name “Pakde Narto”.

The Meaning of Pangestu

In its Articles of the Association, each word in Paguyuban Ngesti Tunggal has its meanings as follows:
a. Paguyuban means association that values harmony and brotherhood.

b. Ngesti means making efforts by praying for God’s grace

c. Tunggal is united, which means that people should be united, living in harmony with each other and at the end be able to unite with Almighty God.

The meaning of Paguyuban Ngesti Tunggal is an association of members whose aims are to be able to unite with others in society and to be able to unite with God the Almighty by always praying for God’s glory.


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