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Jalan Rahayu

In order to achieve the Hasta Sila, human in their daily life have to carry-out Jalan Rahayu
(The Safe Path) namely:

  1. The God’s Covenant with His Servants
    God’s covenant becomes God’s law for his servants, containing the servant’s testimony that God as the Only One who should be worshiped and confession of God’s power.The meaning of this law should be internalized by the servants in carrying-out their life in the world.

  2. Worship
    Worship is the manifestation of the servants dedication to the One and Only God. The servants are given the freedom to do the worship in accordance with their religion in belief.

  3. Budi Darma.
    Budi Darma is practicing virtuous or good deeds in the form of helping others (in misery) without any interest. This help is in accordance with the need of the person being helped, and depends on the capacity of the helper.

  4. Constraining Passions
    In order that one can carry-out the three obligations mentioned above, one should restrain from the influence of drives so that one can prevent from doing bad deeds. Restraining from drives can be done by fasting among others.

  5. High Virtue
    High Virtue are all noble behavior or deeds such as loving with affection to every living being, un-attachment, acceptance, honesty, patience, and justice. All these good conducts become the requirements to achieve peace of heart, tranquility and happiness.
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