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God’s five principle prohibitions which should be avoided are called Paliwara, that is:

  1. Do not worship any others but Allah
    Do not worship any other which should not be worshipped and do not believe other God except the one who should be worshipped.

  2. Be Careful with Your Libido
    Actually, the obligation of men and women is to carry-out the God’s Will to be the mediator for the descent of Roh Suci (Holy Spirit) in continuing the hereditary. To continue the hereditary they should do it in a legal matrimony based on moral and love as well as affection. Therefore, they should be careful for not just seeking sexual pleasure.

  3. Do not Consume or Use Food Substances that Easily Harm the Body
    Foods or drinks which contain poison and the habits which can cause the damage to the human psyche and body should be avoided, such as: alcoholic drinks, narcotics and also all kinds of addictive pleasures, such as gambling. Those habits can make humans forget their obligations to God.

  4. Obey State's Laws and Regulations
    The government is the representative of Allah who have the obligations to regulate all citizens in order that they live prosperously in togetherness. Laws and regulations which are made by the government is always for common interest, therefore they should be obeyed by all citizens.

  5. Do not Clash With One Another
    The character inclining towards quarreling is actually the behavior of people who do not have the right faith, because all humans come from one source of life; the One and Only God. Therefore, men should live in togetherness. Do avoid all behaviors which cause quarrels or spoil social unity such as: envies, slander, violence, gossip and animosity. Do introspect before seeking others mistakes.

It is necessary to know that the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati is not a new religion and does not contradict with the teaching of religion which truly comes from the God’s divine revelations. On the contrary, the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati can be used to further study the religion teaching.

The teaching of Sang Guru Sejati, when summarized, contains six principle points:

  1. Reminding all people who forget their holy obligations,
    those who deny God’s Command.
  2. Showing the right path, that is the primary path leading to prosperity, tranquility and the divine truth.
  3. Showing the deviated path leading to the world of evil.
  4. Showing God’s prohibitions which should be hinder, not to be violated.
  5. Showing the existence of the eternal law.
  6. Explaining about the existence of the macro and microcosmos with all their contents.
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