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R. Soenarto Mertowardojo's Advices
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RT. Hardjoprakoso
R. Soenarto
R. Trihardono

Soenarto Mertowardojo was born on April 21, 1899 in Simo village, regency of Boyolali, Surakarta. He was the sixth child of eight children. His father was R. Soe-mowardojo who worked as a government official as market supervisor.

With his limited income, it made him difficult to bring up his eight children with good education. Since there was no school in Simo, at the age of seven the young Soenarto was sent to the city to go to school. There he stayed with his father’s or his mother’s relatives. He moved from one family to another
for 15 years, yet he had never complained. He accepted his lot sincerely and patiently. He had sa-crificed his childhood, but due to his difficult times he longed for God. He wished to meet with God and asked for His justice.

When he grew up, his intention to seek God got stronger, but at that time, it was impossible to get formal education on religion. He knew about religion only a little from a religious teacher in Simo when he was a kid and his mother taught him ‘dhaim’ prayer. His intention to seek God led him to go to some people who claimed themselves as ‘guru’ who could show the way; on the contrary they let people go astray by teaching using unclear words secretly, or ilmu klenik. At last he was conscious, and decided not to go to such guru anymore.

On Sunday afternoon around 17:30 dated February 14, 1932, he was sitting alone in his veranda reflecting his experience in seeking the Divine knowledge. He realized that the right way to get enlightenment from the Almighty God is by pleading for it fervently. He was sure that if he prayed sincerely, God would bestow the guidance and blessing.
The questions which kept on disturbing in his heart were those such as:
“Will the Devine Knowledge explain the end of life or life after death?”
“What is the meaning of heaven and hell?”
”If they really exist, where are they located?”
Then, he conducted dhaim prayer, the one his mother had taught. When he reached the condition of calm and peaceful heart, he received the initial revelation reverberating in his heart as the answer to his question:
“Behold! What is called the Divine Knowledge is the True Guidance, giving directtives to the right path, the path leading to the origin and the destination of life”

When he received the revelation, he felt as if his heart was penetrated by morning cool water, he shivered for a moment; then, followed by feeling of fear.

Astonished, he wondered: “Who might have just conveyed the revelation?”
Soon, the question was answered in his heart in the same way.

"I am Suksma Sejati, the provider of life to the universe, and reigning over all that lives. I am the Eternal Messenger
of the Lord, your True Leader, Guide, and Teacher, the Divine Teacher of the Universe. I have come to convey the Lord’s grace in the form of enlightenment and guidance to you; do accept it by opening your heart, by means of bending down and prostrating yourself before Me.
Behold My Disciples! All living beings originate from Suksma Kawekas, the Lord of the Universe, the Place of Divine Worship, and the Source of Life, to whom the living beings will return. The Divine Life is one, eternal in nature,
pervading the universe and its contents."

After receiving the second revelation Soenarto’s heart feels bright, followed by the feeling of calmness,
tranquility and happiness. But after all his mind and thoughts return to be active, the feeling of happiness changed with commotion. He then thanked God, being aware that as a human being he was not pure, yet was bestowed with direction and guidance. The reverberation of feeling created the feeling of haste and fear. Finally, with the feeling of surrender he begged to God to be purified from ephemeral. He returned to the condition of tranquility,
and then the revelation reverberated again in the depth of his heart:

“My Disciples, make it know. I am the One who handles the measurement and weighing. Therefore, do not be discouraged
if someone does not believe you, do not feel offended if someone redicules and look down on you, do not fear and worry if someone slanders you. I shall protect and guide all who walk on the right path into wellbeing and happiness, all who take shelter under My justice.
I shall not forsake those who represent My mission.
Do spread My enlightenment, My words to everyone, men and women, young and old, without discriminating race and status, those who need My enlightenment and guidance.
Yet be sure to do it without pressure or any self interest.
Do carry out the noble and sacred mission sincerely, with patience and sacrifice.
Those who are willing to represent My mission, that is to spread My words, the Lord’s command, with the terms I just stated, will receive the Lord’s grace.
My disciple!
Just wait for a while, I shall provide you with assistants, whom I shall assign to record all My revelations. They are:
1. Hardjoprakoso
2. Soemodihardjo
I also assign these candidate disciples to disseminate the Lord’s enlightening words that I convey. Therefore, don’t be discouraged and worried. The three of you will engage in this great mission and many people will assist you in the future.
The light of My teaching will illuminate all over the world. For the time being, that is all My command.”

After Soenarto received the third revelation, the feeling of doubt, worried and uneasiness as well as suspicion were all gone.

With the feeling of gratefullness and faithfullness, Soenarto patiently waited for the realization of Sang Guru Sejati’s revelation.

A few months afterwards, to be exact on May 19, 1932 R.T. Hardjoprakoso came to R. Soenarto’s house and if proved that R.T. Hardjoprakoso had known R. Trihardono Soemodihardjo. Later on, all three of them met on May 27, 1932. Since then they received the teaching revealed by Sang Guru Sejati through R. Soenarto witnessed directly and recorded by R.T. Hardjoprakoso and R. Trihardono Soemodihardjo until January 1933. At present the revelation are codified in the book of Sasangka Jati.
Since receiving the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati they started disseminating the teaching in accordance
with their own livelihood. At that time R. Soenarto
worked as an clerk in the local court of justice in Solo, and R.T. Hardjoprakoso worked as a Junior Minister in charge of finance in the Government of Mangkunegaran VII, whereas R. Trihardono Soemo-dihardjo worked in a printing company called Swastika
in Solo. Once every full-moon they gathered to study the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati, followed by those who also wanted to understand the teaching.

Those who study the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati are called the disciple of Sang Guru Sejati. As the time goes by there were more and more people who wanted to attend the full-moon gathering since they also wanted to become the diciples of Sang Guru Sejati.

Then after Indonesia was just liberated from the Japanese occupation in 1945, the Dutch colonial force tried to reenter and occupy Indonesia.

In the Dutch colonial time when the Indonesian forces struggled against the Dutch Soldiers in 1949, the prohibition to assemble at night was conducted under the curfew. However, the disciples of Sang Guru Sejati who had studied the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati kept meeting before the curfew began, to further study and discussed about the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati. In their meeting on May 20, 1949 at 16.30 pm Sang Guru Sejati had the will to convey revelations through R. Soenarto witnessed by 7 disciples which gathered in that evening. A part of the revelations stated that His disciples shall be organized in an association in order to be united. The association was named Paguyuban Ngesti Tunggal, abreviated as Pangestu.

R. Soenarto Mertowardojo’s Advices

Pangestu has developed and its branches have been founded in many cities. In his tour to branches,
he used to give advice based on the teaching of Sang Guru Sejati to the disciples to build virtue. Some of his messages are about:

1. The source and the final destination of life
The source of life of all living beings is Suksma
Kawekas or Allah Taala or The Almighty God who creates the universe and its contents, whereas the final destination of human life is to return to its original source, to Almighty God (Arabic: Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un). This can happen if human beings know the requirements
and apply them according to their own faith in God.

2. The goal of life
The goal of life is to achieve happiness forever and at the end be able to return to God. This can happen if one understands the rules and acts accordingly and is willing to sacrifice.

3. The life provision in the world
The life provision in the world is the science and spiritual knowledge.

4. The life obligations
Human beings have lots of obligations, which can be summarized into five points:

  1. We, human beings, men and women, should become the mediator to carry-out the God’s eternal will, that is: men as the mediator for the descent of the Holy Spirit, whereas women as the mediator to receive and keep in their womb the descent of the Holy Spirit. The holy obligation should be carried-out with purity, morality as well as primary characters (primary good conducts) based on love and affection. In doing the matrimony, men and women (husband and wife) should live harmoniously bound by true love and affection. Should the aforementioned important obligations of life are carried-out; it means that they educate the child before delivery time. It so, in the future the couple will be awarded a child with high morality, good conducts, divine characters and social level, as well as noble life.

  2. The obligations to fulfill the needs of the family.

  3. The obligations toward the neighbors and society, that is: by creating tranquility, and social prosperity by means of mutual help in togetherness.

  4. The obligations to dedicate to the country, by means of obeying the laws of the country,maintaining tranquility and the security of the country.

  5. The divine and holy obligation to dedicate to the True God (Suksma Kawekas, Allah Taala) by obeying God’s directions as recorded in the God’s holy-scriptures. The obligations are carried-out based on the belief that we, human beings are in the power of eternal law, which is the character of Allah’s justice.


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